COSMIC-related research and conference papers

 All COSMIC-related papers at the IWSM and many other conferences are now available via www.ieeexplore.ieee.org/Xplore/home

 Abstracts of COSMIC-related papers for the 2013 and 2014 IWSM conferences are available for download from the portal of this site

Many papers from previous IWSM and other conferences are also available there.

Papers from the UKSMA/COSMIC ‘International Conference on Software Metrics & Estimating’ held in London in October 2011 are available from www.uksma.co.uk.




Welcome to the official website of the Common Software Measurement International Consortium , the 'COSMIC' organization. Here you will find all the information you need to know about the COSMIC functional size measurement method, the support that is available, and the organization behind it.

COSMIC is a voluntary, world-wide grouping of software metrics experts.  Started in 1998, COSMIC has developed the most advanced method of measuring a functional size of software.  Such sizes are important as measures of software project work-output and for estimating project effort, etc

The method, is applicable to business, real-time and infrastructure software, is easy to learn and simple to use.  The method is entirely 'open'; all method documentation is available in the public domain for free download.

There is a ‘COSMIC Users’ group on Linkedin, the social networking site for professionals. Here you can ask questions about the method, join discussions and receive announcements about new developments or uses of the COSMIC methods. To join the COSMIC Users Group, you will first need to join Linkedin. Go to www.linkedin.com.

For information about activity in your country, contact your International Advisory Council Member.

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ISBSG/COSMIC data available on-line (for free!) Posted By: admin August 11 2012
COSMIC-measured project data in the ISBSG database is now available for on-line analysis. There is even a free trial facility to get started. Go to the Benchmarking page for details

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