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01 - COSMIC method standards: Method Update Bulletins ( 9 files)

Method Update Bulletin 3 (Hits: 1220)
MUB 3 concerns correction of an error in the Measurement Manual v3.0. The error has been corrected in the MM v3.0.1
Method Update Bulletin 4 (Hits: 1287)
MUB 4 concerns the clarification of a principle and some rules for ''request to enter'' functionality in the Measurement Manual v3.0. This has been corrected in the MM v3.0.1
Method Update Bulletin 5 (Hits: 1316)
MUB 5 concerns improvements to the definitions and a principle for ''Level of Decomposition'' and ''Peer Component'', in version 3.0 of the Measurement Manual. MUB 5 has been implemented in the MM v3.0.1
Method Update Bulletin 6 (Hits: 1261)
MUB 6 concerns some corrections needed to the Guideline for sizing Business Application, v1.1
Method_Update_Bulletin_8 (Hits: 2161)
MUB 8 widens the scope of applicability of the COSMIC method by showing that it can be used to measure certain types of mathematically-intense software.
Method Update Bulletin 7 (Hits: 1522)
This MUB identifies some places in the Measurement Manual where the description of ''''persistent storage'''' is potentially misleading and proposes some clarifying changes to the text
Method Update Bulletin 9 (Hits: 1909)
This MUB aims to bring the COSMIC definition and principles of a software ‘layer’ in line with software industry standards and common terminology
Method Update Bulletin 10 (Hits: 1969)
Add a section on ‘Non-Functional Requirements’ to the COSMIC Method as defined in the ‘Measurement Manual’
Method Update Bulletin 11 (Hits: 1037)
This MUB 11 proposes a refined definition of a functional process and several related topics

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