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01 - COSMIC method standards: Previous versions ( 6 files)

COSMIC Method v4.0 Measurement Manual (Hits: 3954)
The Measurement Manual version 4.0 is the current standard definition of the method from April 2014.
COSMIC Method v3.0.1 Documentation Overview (Hits: 949)
Overview of available COSMIC v3.0.1 documentation
COSMIC Method v3.0.1 Measurement Manual (Hits: 1046)
The basic document for the COSMIC method
COSMIC Method Overview v3.0 (Hits: 927)
Summary of the COSMIC method
COSMIC Method v3.0 Advanced & Related Topics (Hits: 957)
A collection of advanced and related topics of the COSMIC method
List of errata and corrections to MM v4.0, Aug. 2014 (Hits: 677)
The current defects, typos, needs for clarification and suggestions for general improvement

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