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03 - Annual Reports and COSMIC News: Past Newsletters ( 6 files)

COSMIC News, November 2008 (Hits: 969)
Special edition of COSMIC News for the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the COSMIC organization. Summarizes the achievements of the last 10 years
COSMIC News, March 2008 (Hits: 1156)
Reports on progress in adopting the COSMIC Method
COSMIC News Vol 5 No. 1, June 2009 (Hits: 1021)
News on many subjects including Benchmarking, use in the real-time world, conference research papers, etc
COSMIC News, Vol 6, No. 1 April 2010 (Hits: 1182)
Latest news of COSMIC users, publications, tools, uses (e.g. in agile developments, for sizing space system software) and development activities
COSMIC News, Vol 7, April 2011 (Hits: 1033)
International recognition for COSMIC. Industrial and academic research papers. New books, Guidelines. Why COSMIC is best for Agile. Allan Albrect, RIP
COSMIC News, Vol 8, Sept 2012 (Hits: 1109)
COSMIC growth. Polish ZUS Benefits from COSMIC. Refining the COSMIC method. Technical Advances. COSMIC User Group. Conferences

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