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07 - Research and Conference Papers: Management ( 8 files)

Why you must change to COSMIC for sizing and estimation (Hits: 1644)
Presented at: International Conference on Software Engineering - CONSEG 2011, Computer Society of India, Bangalore Chapter, Bangalore, Feb. 17-19, 2011, Tata McGraw Hill, 2011
What you measure is what you get summary (Hits: 2164)
Summary of the paper ‘Software industry performance - what you measure is what you get’, published in ‘IEEE Software’, November/December 2010
Project control based on functional size - Which method to use? (Hits: 822)
Presented at UKSMA Conference 2012. Compares project control using IFPUG and COSMIC sizing
Measures to get the best performance from your software suppliers (Hits: 872)
Presented at UKSMA Conference 2012. Examines performance of software industry and how customers can get better performance from their suppliers
Changing from FPA to COSMIC - A transition framework (Hits: 1538)
Paper from the 2007 SMEF conference
Seizing and Sizing SOA Applications with COSMIC (Hits: 1185)
Paper from the 2007 SMEF conference
From requirements to project effort estimates - work in progress (still?) (Hits: 1417)
This paper discusses the challenges in measuring requirements by various methods and converting sizes to estimates of project effort, especially the issue of non-functional requirements. Some solutions are suggested but there is still much to do.
IWSM 2014 CS overview of COSMIC-related papers (Hits: 1052)
A personal overview of the most interesting papers at the IWSM 2014 conference

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